Psychic Of Manhattan

Awarded, Nominated, Certified & Licensed.

I am  honored to be the Best & Top Psychic Spiritual Healer In Manhattan New York City . Authentic Palmistry & Tarot Card Reader.

I was announced & voted Best Psychic In NYC by Time Magazine top 100 Psychic's Journal. Located in the heart of the Theater District in the Big Apple New York

Let's ease your mind with insight.



Are you wracking your brain about something and want to know the best way to proceed? Whether it's
about a relationship, job or anything else, I will give you the answers, clarity and insight you need.

You can find more info about myself and my readings here on the site. Thanks for checking me out!

Throughout my tutelage, I cultivated my gifts as a empathic clairaudient psychic. "Empathic,"
meaning that I have the ability to sense the emotional climate of situations and people; "clairaudient,"
meaning that I hear messages from spirit which I relay to you in my readings.
As an astrologer, I predict outcomes, determine ideal moments to act, and understand
people on a very deep level. I have over 17 years of experience as a professional psychic and astrologer,
most of which has been in New York City where I've done readings for thousands of people.

I believe in natural and organic healing.


Reassuring the Mind, the Body & the Spirit.


We offer many self body healing also,


From the everyday pick me up quick fixes


To the more committed and invested long term fixes


The choice of life is up to us,


Let us make this the healthiest years of our life


Let my expertise balance and clarify your tomorrow.

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Also serving the Boston, Massachusetts Area