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Here at Psychic of Manhattan New York City campus we stands proudly stating our education behind us, That we are the best and top of what we do. Psychic of Manhattan has multiple different license's, certification's, has read books, written essays, taken courses, or completed PhD programs that would have included writing a Master Thesis and a Doctoral Dissertation.




The truth is that most Psychic Readers have not studied, have not developed their skills, do not follow a code of ethics and do not offer helpful counseling or advice. I’m sure you’ll know right away when you’ve encountered a Real Psychic Reader instead of an Entertained one, the difference is very clear

Through my readings you will see many skills of mine.


Through the Palm Reading you will begin to see your life lines come to life and it appears before your eyes that your life had unfolded in the palms of your hands.


Through the Tarot Cards, I base it out of energy that you provide to me. Reading your cards like and open book.
Through the Psychic Reading + Soul-mate Love Reading, I concentrate on your face, your mind and your heart. Its no
tools necessary but also 100% of this reading is dedicated to YOUR energy. Reflecting your soul-mate to you
making sure your compatibility levels are high to either STAY with your soul-mate or FIND your soul-mate


Through the Crystal ball reading, I allow myself to "show off" my ability in a sense. Were you actually see within the crystal your life before your eyes. Capturing very detailed moment in your Past, you Present
and your Future.

My core philosophy is to inspire and empower. To help you extract wisdom from the past, and focus on moving forward. That is, to make a shift from victim mentality to that of a co-creator. The former enforces restrictions and stagnation, the latter restores self-will and accountability. My approach is ``holistic``. Awareness is achieved by adopting a wholistic approach to self-development, nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. Body awareness, includes diet, lifestyle, and physical regime.

Psychic Of Manhattan